Exchange Reporting System

Exchange Reporting System Your efficient tool for handling follow-up duties and IR

The Exchange Reporting System (ERS®) is the interface for issuers in Prime Standard, Scale and Prime Standard for Corporate Bonds that enables them to fulfil their admission, inclusion and/or follow-up duties (e.g., forwarding annual financial reports, annual financial statements and management reports, calendars of company events, brief company profiles, key financial figures and ratings to Deutsche Börse). The data forwarded through ERS is swiftly published on the Deutsche Börse investor portal ( ERS relies on an open interface; the issuer can transmit the data to the interface either itself or through a service provider.

Submission via ERS

The submission of financial statements and most of the other documents regarding the follow-up obligations to Deutsche Boerse AG must take place mandatorily via ERS (Exchange Reporting System).

The Exchange Reporting System (ERS®) is the interface for issuers for the fulfillment of their follow-up obligations. The data forwarded through ERS is swiftly published on the Deutsche Börse investor portal (

For example the following documents need to be transmitted through the Exchange Reporting System:

  • Audited Annual Financial Statements and the Management Reports/Annual Financial Reports
  • Half-yearly Financial Statements and Interim Management Reports/Half-yearly Financial Reports
  • Quarterly Statements
  • Company or bond ratings
  • Company profiles
  • Corporate calendars

The usage of means of transmission other than ERS (e.g. e-mail) is not sufficient in those cases.


For the transmission via ERS, the issuer may either employ a provider connected to the ERS or the issuer may establish their own connection to the system, so they may independently provide transmissions via the interface afterwards.

Generally the Reports transmitted via the interface are published subsequently on the website of the Deutsche Börse AG. Thus, the interested investor is provided with any information required by the AGB DBAG in a concentrated and easily traceable manner under “Search” > specification of the issuer’s name > “Company details”)

File format of submissions

Currently, documents must generally be submitted in .PDF format. Deviating from this, the annual financial report of an issuer whose shares or certificates representing shares are admitted to the Prime Standard and whose annual financial report must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) must be submitted as a .ZIP file. Specific information on the file composition for the submission of an ESEF-compliant annual financial report can be found in the section "Annual Financial Report" of the IPO Line Being Public under the bullet point " Way of electronic transmission". Further technical details, for example on the file formats that can be submitted and the possible file size, can be found in the applicable interface description.

Necessity of multiple delivery

In case your company is an issuer of several different securities at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (e.g. an issuer of several different bonds or a stock issuer who, at the same time, is an issuer of bonds, in the same or different transparency segments), each follow-up obligation still needs to be fulfilled for every security separately. This results in multiple ERS transmissions of the same follow-up documents and data (e.g. of Annual Reports).


Issuer Services Hub

The new Issuer Services Hub offers companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange — in the segments of Prime Standard, General Standard and Scale — free access to relevant information and bundles it on one platform. The functions include:

  • A dashboard with the current price chart development of your company and current Börse Frankfurt news
  • Your company's open Xetra order book

Stock Report

As an issuer in the Prime Standard, General Standard or Scale, every month you will receive by email your personal Stock Report – which presents in vivid graphic form the current trading data on your shares. As an issuer you can put together a peer group of three companies listed on the FWB®.

You would like to receive the stock report?

Web-Service: Open Xetra order book

Integrated in the IR section of a company’s Website (through an individualised link) the order book dynamically displays the ten best bid and ask offers for the company’s own share (with a 15-minute delay).

Web-Service: Integration in price chart

Companies listed on Deutsche Börse have access to a special investor relations tool, enabling you to use a link to integrate the price chart of your share into your Website free of charge. Please note that we do not offer individualised charts. Please contact if you are interested.


Indices group various securities according to defined criteria, such as the market capitalisation of the respective company and exchange turnover in the security, membership of a market or sector – and track how these groups then perform in the capital markets. The indices thus enable comparison between the trend for a particular security and the performance of the relevant reference group. As such, companies are charted within their peer group, enabling investors to make more targeted investment decisions. Deusche Börse offers an innovative selection of indices and index solutions. Deutsche Börse AG makes the decisions regarding the calculation and compilation of equity indices together with the Working Committee for Equity Indices. Learn more about our indices.


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