Being Public

Being PublicWe help you fulfill your capital market and disclosure duties

An exchange listing often spells a new challenge for corporate communications: You will have to fulfill disclosure duties of varying degrees of rigor depending on the market you have chosen for your public offering (Prime Standard, General Standard or Scale).

Keep track of what must be communicated when and how and to whom. In this regard, Deutsche Börse acts as your interface to the capital market. We support you in meeting your disclosure duties, nurturing relations to investors, and always keeping an eye on the liquidity of your equity.

IPO line Being Public

We support you after your IPO, too, and amongst other things provide exhaustive and clearly structured explanations of all the subsequent duties associated with the various segments. These include the different types of financial reporting, the publication of price-relevant information and how you should present your company to investors.

Stock Report – Your stock exchange data at a glance

In the form of the Stock Report, as an issuer each month you receive a chart-based compilation of current trading data on your company’s shares.

Your Opening bell event: on the trading floor and in the media limelight

Whether you are celebrating your IPO anniversary, a change of segment, the inclusion into a selection index or any other exchange-related occasion, you can present your company by ringing the opening bell and welcome your guests to our event and meeting space.


Additional Being Public Services