Listen up: Podcast talk on “Steps to an IPO in the example of Delivery Hero”

24 Jan 2018

Listen up: Podcast talk on “Steps to an IPO in the example of Delivery Hero”

Titel: Podcast

In the fifth episode of the podcast series “Road to IPO” Renata Bandov (Deutsche Börse) and Ralf Wenzel (Delivery Hero) talk about the IPO of Delivery Hero and which steps exactly the company had to take in order to go public.

At the end of June 2017 Delivery Hero had its IPO – even as start-up it was the largest one of the past year. The Chief Strategic Officer of Delivery Hero, Ralf Wenzel, led the preparations for the IPO, and shares his experiences in this episode: how did the company approach the IPO and which role do investors play in this process? What are lock-up periods and how does prospecting work? How do you find the right issue price and which steps are to take exactly to get listed at the stock exchange? These and other questions are being answered in this episode by him and Renata Bandov, Head of Section Listing & Issuer at Deutsche Börse.

Joel Kaczmarek, chief editor at digital kompakt, presents the show and moderates the discussion.


In the series “Road to IPO”, we are going to have more podcasts sessions on topics related to finance for young companies in the pre-IPO sector and also on how to prepare for an IPO exit.

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