Listen up: Podcast talk on "Script for an IPO - Part 1: Preparation"

14 Nov 2018

Listen up: Podcast talk on "Script for an IPO - Part 1: Preparation"

Titel: Podcast

The eighth episode of our podcast series "Road to IPO" is the first part of a short series on the topic "Script for an IPO". In this edition we first discuss the legal basis for regulation. In two further editions we focus on the selection of the investment bank and its tasks as well as the development of the equity story and the actual IPO process.

The experts in these episodes are: Stefan Ries, Director at Berenberg Bank and Dr Andreas Zanner, Partner at CMS Hasche Sigle both part of the Capital Market Partner Network of Deutsche Börse as well as Renata Bandov, Head of Pre-IPO & Capital Markets at Deutsche Börse AG.

This first episode of the "Script for an IPO" focuses on the legal aspects of regulation, corporate governance and accounting. Among other things, it deals with corporate structures (legal form, articles of association, etc.), regulation by the BaFin and the staffing of management bodies (executive board, supervisory board). In addition, the experts explain how due diligence should best be structured and what financial requirements exist, such as the transition to IFRS or the certification of financial statements.

Joel Kaczmarek, chief editor at digital kompakt, presents the show and moderates the discussion.

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