Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation presents the exhibition “Foam Talent 2022”

Release date: 06 Feb 2023 | Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation presents the exhibition “Foam Talent 2022”

- The exhibition “Foam Talent 2022” will be on display from 17 February until 14 May 2023 in The Cube, Frankfurt/Eschborn
- Visiting the exhibition is possible as part of guided tours, on the “Open Saturday” on 25 March 2023 as well as on the occasion of “Night of the Museums” on 13 May 2023
- An exclusive press preview will take place on 16 February 2023 at 11 a.m.
- Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation acquires works from the artist Marvel Harris

The exhibition "Foam Talent 2022" in The Cube in Eschborn

From 17 February, the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation presents the group exhibition “Foam Talent 2022”. The show is part of a cooperation with the Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam Foam. It comprises photographic, film-based and installative works by 20 contemporary photographers from 14 nations. The artists were selected as part of Foam's young talent programme, which the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation is supporting since 2017. The artistic positions presented in the exhibition are distinguished by the innovative use of the medium of photography and deal with essential issues of our time.

With unsparing openness, the artists dare to critically question ideological structures and deconstruct the resulting political, social, and ecological consequences for the planet, humanity, and the individual. They thereby provide intimate insights into the realities of their lives, connect personal experience to an overall social context, and confront visitors with their own position within a globalized world. Current discourses find their way into the exhibition, including the challenges of climate change, issues of identity, gender and body, discrimination, displacement as well as the far-reaching consequences of a capitalist economy. All works presented are characterized by their unique visual language while illustrating the current state as well as future trends and themes of contemporary photography.

Selected works from the exhibition

In her series "Paintings, Dreams and Love", artist Yushi Li explores the concept of the gaze, the established ways of looking at art and the relationship between subject and object. With reference to Greek mythology, the artist stages detailed portraits and group photographs in which the naked male body becomes an object of desire. Li’s œuvre revolves around sex, gender, and eroticism, but also addresses questions of intimacy and vulnerability. The artist Olgaç Bozalp explores the significance of home and cultural identity as well as the many reasons for flight and migration in his series "Home: Leaving One for Another". Bozalp combines a documentary style with staged motifs that reflect his own experiences as a migrant and oscillate between nostalgia and displacement. In a disturbingly humorous way, Diego Moreno shows how the overpowering presence of the Catholic Church in his youth shaped his ideas about sexuality and family. For his series "Malign Influences/The Holy Mountains” he draws on family photos and archive material which he alienates with colored pencils, graphite, and ink. In his series “Inner Journey”, Marvel Harris documents the process of his gender transition in poignant black-and-white images. Capturing the traces of manifold physical changes as they unfold, the artist delves deep into the emotional complexity of his journey.

The Foam Talents 2022 are: Marwan Bassiouni, Myriam Boulos, Olgaç Bozalp, Laura Chen, Kata Geibl, Lina Geoushy, Marvel Harris, Alexandra Rose Howland, Ange-Frédéric Koffi, Czar Kristoff, Yushi Li, Carla Liesching, Seif Kousmate, Pavo Marinović, Diego Moreno, Donja Nasseri, Ghazaleh Rezaei, Linn Phyllis Seeger, Ritsch Sisters, Donavon Smallwood.

The exhibition was curated by Foam and shown in Amsterdam for the first time. "Foam Talent 2022" is complemented by an extensive digital presentation that comprises all artistic positions and offers further information in form of texts, podcasts and videos.

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation acquires works by Marvel Harris

As part of the cooperation with Foam and with each edition of the Foam Talent programme, the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation acquires works by one of the artists for the Art Collection Deutsche Börse. This year, selected photographs from the series "Inner Journey" by Dutch artist Marvel Harris were purchased. 

The Foam Funding Programme

Every two years, the Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam Foam invites talented young photographers between the ages of 18 and 40 to submit their portfolios via a Talent Call. The selected artists are subsequently supported by a comprehensive promotion programme, including the publication in the Talent issue of the Foam magazine, exhibitions in Amsterdam, Eschborn and other locations such as Berlin or London, as well as networking and mentoring events. In addition, the artists get the opportunity for their work to be added to the renowned Art Collection Deutsche Börse. In this year's edition of Foam Talents, 1,938 artists from 85 countries applied. Since its founding in 2007, the programme has firmly established itself in the contemporary photography scene, offering young artists a springboard for their future careers while bringing the latest developments in contemporary photography to the forefront.

Notes to Editors:

The press preview will take place on Thursday, 16 February 2023, at 11 a.m. at The Cube, Mergenthalerallee 61 in Eschborn. Anne-Marie Beckmann, Director of Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, and Amelie Schüle, Project Manager at Foam, will guide you through the exhibition. The artists Marvel Harris and Maria Ritsch will be present and available for interviews. Registration is requested by 15 February 2023 to

Here you can find an overview of the press images for the exhibition "Foam Talent 2022". We will be happy to send you the press images in print quality upon request.

Visiting Hours:

“Foam Talent 2022” is on display until 14 May 2023 at Deutsche Börse’s headquarters in Eschborn. Admission is free. Visiting the exhibition is possible without registration on the “Open Saturday” on 25 March 2023 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on the occasion of the “Night of the Museum” on 13 May 2023 from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. In addition, we offer weekly guided tours with prior registration at Special appointments for individual groups (10-20 persons) can be arranged by e-mail:

Adress: The Cube, Mergenthalerallee 61, 65760 Eschborn

About the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Frankfurt/Main that is dedicated to collecting, exhibiting and promoting contemporary photography. It is responsible for the further development and presentation of the Art Collection Deutsche Börse, which now comprises over 2,300 photographic works by around 160 artists from 33 nations. In its exhibition space in Eschborn near Frankfurt/Main, it shows several exhibitions a year that are open to the public. Supporting young artists is a particular concern of the foundation. It promotes them in many ways: with awards, scholarships or through participation in the talent programme of the Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam Foam. Together with the Photographers’ Gallery in London, it awards the renowned Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize every year. Furthermore, the foundation supports exhibition projects of international museums and institutions as well as the development of platforms for academic dialogue and research on the medium of photography.

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Foam is an international and multifaceted photography museum, based in Amsterdam. Foam is rooted in the need to make photography accessible for everyone. Their series of activities, including exhibitions, publications, public programmes and educational projects, leads Foam in new ways by showcasing exceptional photography that can question and inspire everyone.