Seamless Therapeutics launches with 12,5 Mio. $ seed financing

15 Mar 2023

Seamless Therapeutics launches with 12,5 Mio. $ seed financing

Dresden based start-up Seamless Therapeutics has raised 12,5 Mio. $ (11,8 Mio. €) in seed funding to advance its novel gene editing platform based on designer recombinases.

In March, Seamless Therapeutics, a spin-off of Technische Universität (TU) Dresden announced a 12,5 Mio. $ (11,8 Mio. €) seed financing round. The company's pioneering recombinase platform is capable of "programming" a widely used and established molecular biology tool through protein engineering to unlock the full potential of gene editing anywhere in the genome.

The seed round was co-led by Wellington Partners and Forbion and includes non-dilutive funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF GO-Bio, -8B funding). Proceeds from the funding round will be used to further advance the company's proprietary technology platform, to build a pipeline of therapeutic candidates towards first-in-human readiness and to expand the company's presence in the EU and US.

Seamless Therapeutics was founded based on the discoveries of many years of scientific work by Prof. Dr. Frank Buchholz and Felix Lansing. Buchholz is currently Dean of Research at the Faculty of Medicine and Head of Medical Systems Biology at the University Cancer Center of the Technische Universität Dresden. Lansing, PhD, is Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Seamless Therapeutics and will be responsible for the development of the company's proprietary technology. Both are pioneers in the field of reprogrammed recombinases.

Recombinases from Seamless Therapeutics' platform can make specific changes in the DNA, including inversion, excision, exchange, and insertion. Recombinases have not been used as therapeutic tools yet, because of their limited programmability to act on new target sites.