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A growing number of investors is interested in the biotechnology sector. Some have already establsihed an impressive life science portfolio, others now see new potential in this area in the wake of the corona pandemic. Recently, the attractiveness of biotechnology for investors has increased noticeably, so that the diversity of the actors is growing. Here is a selection of relevant investors with their financing focus and investment volume.

ECBF is the first venture capital fund exclusively focused on the bioeconomy and the circular bioeconomy in Europe.

EVOequity is the corporate investment unit of Hamburg-based biotech company Evotec. It is focusing on attractive early academic spin-offs established within Evotec’s BRIDGE cooperations as well as promising young companies.

Forbion is a leading venture capital firm that works closely with entrepreneurs to build life sciences companies that transform people’s lives.

HTGF is a seed-focused venture capital investor. Investors of the fund are the German Economics Ministry, KfW Capital and more than 30 well-known companies. Life sciences and biotechnology are among the focus areas among others.  

LSP is one of the largest life sciences and health care investment firms in Europe and has been active in this space for more than 30 years.

TVM Capital is one of the most experienced transatlantic venture capitalists, investing in international life science companies.

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