General Standard

General Standard

In the General Standard segment, the mandatory stipulations for the Regulated Market apply. The individual admission criteria and follow-up duties are to be found in the Exchange Act, in the Decree on Exchange Admissions and in the Exchange Rules and Regulations for FWB® the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. On receipt of an application, the management of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange decides on admission to the Regulated Market (General Standard).
Issuers in the General Standard meet the Regulated Market’s high transparency requirements. The General Standard is therefore primarily intended for medium-sized and large corporations who seek to address national investors and want to use a cost-effective listing for that purpose.

The step-by-step route to an exchange listing

Our IPO Line gives you a clear impression of all the important steps in going public through to first price determination. They include the selection of the issue partners, structuring the bond, compiling all the necessary documents, placement, and admission to / commencement of trading in your company’s securities.

Overview of content

Key follow-up obligations

The follow-up obligations attendant upon admission to the Regulated Market are applicable. The responsible authority for monitoring compliance with those follow-up obligations is the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

  • The annual financial report must be published within four months after the end of each financial year
  • The half-yearly financial report must be published within three months of the end of the reporting period
  • Disclosure obligations: ad-hoc reports, directors’ dealings, lists of insiders and the total number of voting rights
  • Follow-up obligations are to be fulfilled in English or in German


In our interactive IPO Line on “Being Public” you will find all the key follow-up duties for the different segments described exhaustively and clearly structured for your convenience. This includes the different forms of financial reporting, the publication of information relevant to the share price and company presentations to investors.

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