Regulated Market

Regulated Market

The Regulated Market constitutes an organised market in the sense of the Securities Trading Act (section 2 para. 11 WpHG) and is therefore an EU-regulated market. The conditions for admission and the follow-up duties that apply here are regulated by law, thus derive from EU law and accord with uniform EU-wide standards. The regulations are primarily set out in the Exchange Act, the Decree on Exchange Admissions, in the Securities Prospectus Act, in the Securities Trading Act and in Rules and Regulations of FWB® the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Unlike the Open Market which is governed by private law, the Regulated Market is an official market segment under public law.

Issuers in the regulated market meet high standards that apply throughout the EU. In this way, the Regulated Market is above all geared to large and medium-sized corporations that are already able to meet these standards and wish to attract national and international investors.

The step-by-step route to an exchange listing

Our IPO line gives you a clear impression of all the important steps in going public through to first price determination. They include the selection of the issue partners, structuring the bond, compiling all the necessary documents, placement, and admission to / commencement of trading in your company’s securities.

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