Expert Session: Webinar "Startups in times of COVID-19 – a 2020 recap and 2021 preview with focus on legislative changes"

Expert Session: Webinar "Startups in times of COVID-19 – a 2020 recap and 2021 preview with focus on legislative changes"

18 February 2021 04.00 PM
18 February 2021 05.00 PM
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What relief does tax law offer for startups in order to navigate the crisis? What changes will there be in 2021, especially with respect to employee participation schemes?

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused numerous changes of the law. In the area of tax law, measures were taken to support businesses during the crisis. What changes are particularly relevant for startups? What are the options when a financially precarious situation challenges the business model and restructuring measures become necessary? What are the plans of the German legislator to give the startup scene a boost? What new tax advantages are currently being discussed for employee participation schemes?

The tax experts Dr Jens-Uwe Hinder and Dr Jenny Broekmann from Morrison & Foerster LLP will give you an insight on those questions and will share hands-on experience with you in our webinar on Thursday, February 18, from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Our Topics at a Glance

2020 Recap
We take a brief look at the tax law measures introduced in 2020 that will also be important for the startup scene in 2021.

We give you an overview of what you need to know about restructuring and explain various restructuring measures by practical example, e.g., the benefits of a debt equity swap, or the options for shareholder debt financing.

2021 Preview
We explain the planned regulations of the German legislator to increase the attractiveness of employee participation schemes with the current draft of a “Fondsstandortgesetz (FoG)”. We briefly introduce the different models of employee participation schemes and provide practical guidance on the benefits that might arise for your employees and your enterprise from the currently discussed changes.

We look forward to your participation and to exchanging ideas with you!

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The experts:

The webinar will be presented by tax law experts Dr Jens-Uwe Hinder, Partner Morrison & Foerster LLP and Dr Jenny Broekmann, Senior Associate Morrison & Foerster LLP.

About the format

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