Research Report

Research Report

The research reports, which are commissioned by Deutsche Börse AG, are compiled for all Scale segment issuers. The reports contribute significantly to improving companies’ transparency and visibility among investors and facilitate the comparability of securities within the segment.


  • Institutional investors
  • Asset managers
  • Family offices
  • Retail investors
Edison Investment Research delivers a research report for each Scale segment enterprise. The report contains a description and assessment of the enterprise’s business model based on a personal meeting, an analysis of the company’s data as well as that of the competitive and market environment. The initial research report is eight to ten pages long. An update of around four pages will be published twice a year.

The research approach is independent and does not provide investment recommendations. Issuers are free to commission further research reports.

The research reports can be found in the company profiles of Scale issuers in the "Research" tab on our website: