Cash Market Readiness Newsflash | Reminder: Internet Subscription Service for Circulars and Newsflashes 

Release date: 26 Apr 2023

Cash Market Readiness Newsflash | Reminder: Internet Subscription Service for Circulars and Newsflashes  Cash Market Readiness Newsflash

Dear Cash Market Participant,

With this Newsflash, we would like to remind you about the Xetra, Eurex and Eurex Clearing Internet Subscription Service for trading and clearing-related announcements and updates. 

We always strive to offer the most advanced trading and clearing functionality and opportunities to our Trading Participants and Clearing Members, which results in optional and/or mandatory initiatives aimed at enhancing our trading and clearing architecture as well as expanding our offerings for clients. As the next T7, C7, Prisma and EurexOTC Clear Releases are on the horizon, we want to ensure that you always stay up-to-date and achieve the smooth readiness of your company.

We strongly advise that you subscribe to our Circulars and Newsflashes for all subjects that are relevant for you. This ensures that you receive the necessary information by e-mail in time so that you are aware of important information and are able to complete any readiness activity that might be required from you.

The Subscription Services are available here:  

With just a few clicks you can subscribe/re-subscribe to all Circular and Newsflash subjects you need to stay on top of in your day-to-day work and to meet upcoming milestones.

Please follow these steps to subscribe:

  • Go to the subscription page of the respective market.
  • Select the topics for which you would like to receive updates.
  • After you have selected your topics, filled in your detail information and submitted your subscription, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link. Please click on the link to confirm and activate your subscriptions.

Officially registered Central Coordinators are set up per default for all Circulars and Readiness Newsflashes respectively. 

If you have any further questions or comments, please send an e-mail to:

Kind regards,
Your Client Services Team


All Xetra® Trading Participants and Vendors

Target groups:

Xetra Central Coordinators, Traders, Technical Contacts, Security Administration, System Administration



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