TechnologyEfficient and robust technology

With Xetra® and Börse Frankfurt, Deutsche Börse Cash Market operates two of the largest cash markets in Germany and Europe. A high degree of reliability and availability are the success factors which form the basis for smooth trading.

The trading venue Xetra migrated to the modern trading infrastructure T7 in June 2017, a technology also used by Eurex Exchange. Deutsche Börse ensures with the implementation of this innovative trading system that the trading venue Xetra will continue to be known for low latency, high throughput and greater flexibility for the participants. Furthermore, Xetra is expanding its position as the global reference market for German shares and the leading market in European ETF trading.

With T7 Release 8.0, trading venue of Börse Frankfurt including Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate was migrated to the T7 technology in August 2020. Specialists of course continue to support the more than 1.7 million securities in the usual good quality.

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