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Changes to the DAX methodology

Deutsche Börse will apply new index rules to be effective as of 25 February 2021. Further information can be found here:

Indices group various securities according to defined criteria, such as the market capitalisation of the respective company and exchange turnover in the security, membership of a market or sector – and track how these groups then perform in the capital markets. The indices thus enable comparison between the trend for a particular security and the performance of the relevant reference group. As such, companies are charted within their peer group, enabling investors to make more targeted investment decisions.

Deusche Börse offers an innovative selection of indices and index solutions. Deutsche Börse AG makes the decisions regarding the calculation and compilation of equity indices together with the Working Committee for Equity Indices.

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Sector indices

Sector indices reflect trends in individual sectors. They help a comparison of the performance of providers of similar products or services. They are subdivided into 18 sectors and are compiled in nine super-sectors. Companies are assigned to sectors on the basis of classification by 63 subsectors. All companies that are admitted to the Prime Standard or General Standard are included in a sector index and subsector index.

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